Know Me Better...

Challenge-Seeker | Problem-Solver

In Education

I love teaching and learning, which is why strive to be a change agent in education. I apply design thinking to help redefine everything from curricula to tech implementation.

  • Over a decade experience in the classroom.
  • Taught at many levels, from middle school to adult education.
  • Designed cross-curricular, tech-supported, project-based courses.

In Psychology

My academic career focus has always been grounded in cognitive and developmental psychology studies. Research in this field supports my skills as an educator and a UX designer.

  • Experience with research methodologies (inc. user testing design) and data analysis.
  • Understanding of underlying mechanisms to focus people's attention.
  • Passion for enhancing technology with empathy.

In Design

It starts with a constant desire to tackle new problems. I want to design products that leverage technology to make life better. It's as simple as that, and I'm just getting started.

  • Lifelong work producing audiovisual media to entertain and instruct.
  • Excited about adapting design to constantly-evolving digital products.
  • Belief in collaborative approach to design and championing its value.