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Design Forward

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Do you trust the design process? I do. As a UX designer and educator always looking for interesting problems to solve across media and channels. The challenge with digital technology is that it is constantly evolving, which means that users' skills, preferences, and needs change. Following a design process is what allows me to be constantly adapting, but doing so with consistency.

Know Me Better


In order to deliver the best quality work throughout a product's life cycle, I will always expect to deliver or advocate for all of the following:

Solid Research

I am the advocate (not the stand-in) for the user. I make informed decisions through user research, seeking out available data as well as conducting relevant interviews and necessary usability tests.

Clear Documentation

I can draw sketches, serve up detailed wireframes, or create interactive prototypes, but they need to be clear, helpful, or appropriately-timed for people in other roles.

Iterative Approach

Exploring new avenues while letting go of some ideas can be exciting. To do it effectively, I , so I can increase the fidelity of design deliverables and push for the evolution of the product.

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Andrés developed and delivered the best training I have ever participated in. He has a deep understanding of adult learning theories and consistently supports eLearning teams he manages.

Johnny Hamilton

Director of Training at 2it Education Solutions, LLC

For Andrés, managing a project always meant first a calm demeanor, then stepping back and designing a process that made it easy for the people working with him to produce great work.

Michael D'Anvers

Production Designer at Amplify Education

As my mentor in middle school, Andrés helped me recognize my calling as a computer scientist. His passion for and knowledge of web development, computer systems/programs, design, and education, combined with his kindness and contagiously optimistic mood, made him a truly inspirational teacher, and would make him an invaluable addition to any company.

Jake Kent

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at Washington University

Working with Andrés meant working with a truly creative, inspired mind. He is that rare leader with the ability to see the greater goal of a project and the ability to help a team map out steps to that goal.

Josephine Salvador

Director at SUNY