Trust Design Lab

What is TDL?

Trust Design Lab is the name of a collaborative group made up of seasoned user experience and visual designers. We provide consulting and/or contract-based services. We are interested in creating digital tools for social good, as well as help businesses push new boundaries in digital design (e.g., mobile, omni-channel strategy).

Coming Soon

We are currently working on a handful of interesting projects, including some that we can't reveal just yet. However, pretty soon we'll be clearing up some space in our schedule to take on new projects and opening up this website for you to Hire Us!.


The tables below show a sample breakdown of our current services.

UX Lite

From Research and Testing to Sketches and LoFi Wireframes

You have an idea that needs focus and definition through design testing and lean UX practices. Sample services include:
User Testing
Hand-drawn Sketches
LoFi Wireframes
Personas & Scenarios
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UX Pro

Comprehensive start-to-finish UX process, Lean to fit your Timeline

Extends the work in UX Lite to include more complex deliverables and provide more guidance. Sample services include:
Visual Comps
Quick Prototypes
Sample Media Assets
Omni-channel Strategy
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